Lloyd H Snyder Music Education Fund
Honoring the Legacy of "Mr. Snyder"
Ewing High School First Director of Instrumental Music
Serving from 1957-1983
Thanks to Edythe (Spector) DeGregory '57 for this precious photo and personal remembrance from Mr. Snyder.

The picture below is of five members of the Ewing High School Orchestra who were key performers in a Music Festival given on May 9, 1954.

Left to right: Jane Stokes (1st violin), Edythe Spector (piano), Gail Coates (2nd violin), Beth Tomlinson (violin), Andy Bellando (1st Trumpet)

A portion of a letter Edythe's received from Mr. Snyder in December 1994 along with the photo that states how he felt about the progress of the instrumental music program in Ewing, along with the photo above..

"...The accompanying picture has been in my collection ever since your graduation. I want you to have it for it represents five talented students who played a significant part towards my future success at Ewing. You Five! Jane, Edythe, Gail, Beth and Andy were the forerunners of talent that helped set the direction of instrumental music in Ewing that to this day continues to provide a cultural outlet for many children. The occasion for the picture I do not know, but it could have been publicity for a concert."

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