Lloyd H Snyder Music Education Fund
Honoring the Legacy of "Mr. Snyder"
Ewing High School First Director of Instrumental Music
Serving from 1957-1983

This fund has two purposes:
  • Support and enhance instrumental music in Ewing Public Schools, and establish a leadership award to recognize underclassmen involved in instrumental music
  • Dedicate the Instrumental Music Room in his name so that successive generations of students remember Mr. Snyder

DESCRIPTION OF THE FUND: The Lloyd Snyder Music Education Fund is a perpetual endowment established as a ?designated fund? held and managed by the Princeton Area Community Foundation to support and enhance instrumental music programs in Ewing Public Schools.

The Ewing Music Department Supervisor may request funds be disbursed in accordance with the guidelines established in the endowment. Funds are disbursed to the Board of Education and placed under the district Business Administrator for oversight. Purchase orders for any items to be purchased through the grant must be approved by that office and by the Music Department Supervisor prior to allowing the expenditure.

The endowment has a planned initial target of $50,000 and it is hoped that the base amount of the endowment will continue to grow over time.

There is no cost or financial liability incurred by the Board of Education or the Ewing School District for the establishment of the fund, the maintenance of the fund, or the disestablishment of the fund should that ever become necessary. All costs associated with this proposal will be handled by fund organizers and fund manager.

INTENDED USES OF THE FUND: The primary intended use of this fund is to support and enhance instrumental music education in Ewing Public Schools. Disbursements are intended to augment - not substitute for, or replace- the regular annual budget allotments to the instrumental music programs. If, in the sole discretion of the Trustee, the school district incorporates these extraordinary funds into ordinary budgeting process, then the Trustee may withhold any or all grants for that year.

In evaluating grants, preference may be given to requests that benefit the largest number of students over requests which benefit individual musicians. Some recommended uses of the fund include, but are not limited to: purchase of instruments; purchase of sheet music; special group or sectional lessons; honoraria for guest conductors or special lectures; festival registration fees; plaque, certificates and name plates for the Lloyd H. Snyder Music Leadership Award; special maintenance of musical instruments not reasonably covered by the normal budget process; other projects which promote student musicianship.

RESTRICTED USES OF THE FUND: The fund is not intended for purchase of uniforms, robes, or other costumery; props for musical theater productions; travel; meals; or staff development. Funds may not be used for scholarships.

FUND ORGANIZERS: Tom Van Wagner ?75, Matt Van Wagner ?75, Doug Philips ?76, Myriam Snyder, wife of Lloyd Snyder and her daughter, Susan Hickey, and others to be designated after the fund is established.

FUND MANAGER: Princeton Community Area Foundation.

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